Thursday, 12 December 2013

Something old becomes something new again

Those who have been following my blog knows that I have a notebook, a ThinkPad T530 which I have not used ever since I got the HP Chromebook 14. It happens today that I decided to boot it up and lo and behold, I was greeted by that famous ThinkPad keyboard quality. I have forgotten how good that keyboard was and how pathetic the HP keyboard is by comparison.

I am typing this post with it and I can tell you that it has been a great pleasure. I'm typing up to speed in no time. Wide spacing between keys. Big keycaps (for a notebook) and with backlight to boot! This is how a notebook keyboard should be. I dare say it can be at times even better than some of the external keyboards I've purchased recently. This easily beats the cheap rubber dome Microsoft keyboard that I was using previously before I got crazy with mechanical keyboards. And that Microsoft keyboard was a full-size keyboard to boot.

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