Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Revisiting the Leopold FC660M Part 2

I've swapped back the ABS keycaps on the Leopold FC660M to the original PBT keycaps. Now that I am more or less doing proper touch-typing, the experience on the Leopold FC660M has been quite different.

When I was typing using my old ways, I have the tendency to hit the keys quite hard and this results in a very tiring experience due to the stiffness of the Cherry MX Clears on this keyboard. However, when you do proper touch-typing on it, the tendency is for you to type lightly on these especially when you want to type fast. What I've discovered is that I can type pretty fast on these and quite accurate too. In fact I can get up to speed and get almost as fast as I can on my Topre keyboards where I've mostly been practicing my touch-typing on. In fact at times, I feel I am even more faster and accurate on it. Due to the stiffness of the keys on initial entry, I find the actuation quite early on and as a result, my fingers quickly raise away from the keys. My fingers are not as tired. In fact I don't find them more tiring than I do on my Topre keyboards. Maybe just a little. So what accounts for this? On Topre, the keys literally invites you to bottom them out. It is just the way they are designed. You can try not to bottom out but it does not feel natural and it is very difficult to feel for the actuation point. On the Cherry MX Clears you do not have this problem. I'm actually quite surprised how fast and accurate I am on them.

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