Sunday, 30 November 2014

The march to the clouds continues...

So with the end of year coming and what's with all the Black Friday deals and IT Shows, I gave in and bought for myself not one but two Chrome devices! One is the Acer C720 chromebook. This is an oldie but goodie and what's different this time is that it comes with a Core i3! This thing will surely fly!

The second chrome device I bought is the ASUS Chromebox. The deal was too good to pass and I gave in to temptation.

Do I need either of these devices? Hell no. I already have a HP Chromebook 14. It is serving me very well and for my needs more than sufficient for 90% - 95% of my needs. Its only downfall is its poor screen. Not the resolution mind you but its bad viewing angles and that constant "pastiness" which gives a sort of fuzziness which drives me nuts sometimes. Performance wise it has been a champ and runs everything I throw at it.

So why get the Acer C720? Based on most reviews it has an equally poor screen like the HP. I got this mostly for its size. At 1.25kg it is a lot lighter over the 1.8kg HP. It might not sound like much on paper but in real life, portability wise, it makes a lot of difference.

As for the Asus Chromebox, well.....I do have a proper Windows desktop for my other 5% - 10% needs and I have a great 24 inch monitor. Problem with that desktop is that it takes a bit more longer to boot up and get connected. Well actually its boot up time is not very long as I have an excellent Samsung SSD for its boot drive. I am however spoilt by the instant boot up of my HP Chromebook. I could be up and running and get connected in no time. Can't beat that convenience. I would like a similar experience at the desktop level and especially on a big screen. Old eyes you see and every little bit helps.

We'll see how it goes when they arrive.

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