Friday, 15 November 2013

Day 2 on the Chromebook

I like the convenience of just grabbing hold of the HP and start doing work almost immediately. It starts up within literally seconds. Love that.

Almost as immediately I begin to miss the back lighting on my other keyboards. Really wish this HP had one. I also miss terribly the dedicated HOME/END/DELETE/PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN keys. I never realise that I depend on them so much that I miss them on the HP. At the rate I'm going I suspect I might be Chromiuing (is that a word?) away on my other notebook with its more conventional keyboard arrangement. Am I too old to adapt?

Never thought I'd say this. But I usually have a strong threshold for cheap devices with their cheap ass screen and poor keyboards. What I couldn't tolerate is their poor performance and usually that is related to their poor storage speeds. Usually I would just put in an SSD in them and watch them fly.

I'm very comfortable around the Chrome browser so my problems seems to be mostly hardware-related. I'm beginning to see the rationale for better hardware for Chromebooks. You can only build something so cheap. The Chromebook Pixel would too be expensive. Maybe something more in the middle? I've yet to see one. Right now it seems to be 2 extremes. One is too expensive and the other is too hardware crippled (I'm not talking of performance here which is fine). But I guess it would be a harder sell since cheap always wins and the middle of the line would be more for those who are already familiar with Chromebooks and can live with them but just want something better hardware-wise.

But are there many of us? I guess when the cheap Chromebooks start flooding the low-end and people begin to get comfortable with them, there will be some (like me) who will start clamoring for better hardware. I wonder if we have reached that mass yet. Hopefully there will be 1 or 2 manufacturers who will build such a device to test the viability of that market.

Is it there yet?

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