Friday, 22 November 2013

Another Day Another Keyboard

Bought myself a second hand Realforce 86U Topre Based Keyboard today. I am typing this post with it. As per usual with some second hand items, this one seem to have a slight defect. Maybe not so slight. The spacebar unlike the rest of the keys is very clicky on the right hand side. Very loud. Louder than my Cherry MX Blues. Damn irritating. Anybody know how to rectify this?

First impressions are that this feels like a Topre keyboard (well...duh!) but I find myself liking the feel of the Leopold FC660C keys more. Maybe I have to give myself some more time with it.

Some of you may be asking why get this when I already have the Leopold FC660C. Well, first this has the usual standard layout that I am familiar with so my typing speed is faster. I don't miss the numpad. Also it is of a good size and don't feel as cramped as the Leopold. The keys on this are quite alright except for that damn spacebar.

Will give you more impressions later after I've spent more time with it.

P.S. That spacebar is damn irritating...

UPDATE 1 : This keyboard is about a year old. As a result the keys are not as stiff as the newly bought Leopold. In a way it's nicer to type on but the bottoming out is softer on the Leopold whereas here it is a little bit harder. So softer on the entry but harder on the landing.

UPDATE 2 : I was initially worried about the variable weighted keys but so far this has not been a deal breaker.

UPDATE 3 : Looking through the forums and googling for more information on "rattling spacebar" I find that this is a common problem on Topre keyboards. Other keyboards also have this problem but you don't seem to notice them as much because of their clicky nature. Mine seems to be more obvious because the "rattling" is not uniform throughout the length of the spacebar and seems to only occur on the right hand side. The middle and left hand side seems to be quite ok. I guess I just have to live with it. Funny thing is that the Leopold does not seem to have this problem. Its spacebar is consistent and does not stand out over the other keys.

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