Saturday, 16 November 2013

Unicomp Classic 104 Buckling Spring

My current keyboard is a Cherry MX Blue keyboard from a local company called Armageddon. It has been serving me well and I love its clickiness. However I was told that nothing beats the original IBM Model M keyboard when it comes to tactile and clicky keyboards. These keyboards last very long and are rated to last way longer than the average PC.

So thus began my hunt for one. However they are very hard to find as they are no longer manufactured. Those that do sell are asking for high prices that I'm just not willing to pay. I find out that the original design was bought by a group of ex-IBM engineers who set up a company called Unicomp. They currently manufacture the design as the Unicomp Classic 104 Buckling Spring. I've managed to grab one such keyboard from a forumer in VR-Zone. Instead of the traditional beige, this comes in a black chassis with grey keys. The grey keys makes it harder to see but boy do I love the colour scheme. I think it looks fantastic. Better than the beige or the white keys on black chassis that I saw on the Unicomp website.

I thought these would be harder to type on as I heard that they go deeper and has a higher actuation. I guess I'm just a heavy typist because this suits me perfectly. I'm actually typing this post with it. Great tactile feedback. Initial impressions seems to be that I type on this better than on the Cherry MX Blues. Never thought that would be possible as I'm so used to the Blues. Like a duck takes to water. Strangely I thought this would be louder than the Cherry MX Blues but because the tone is deeper I find the Blues to be louder as they have a higher pitch.

So the hype over these keyboards is justified as far as I'm concerned. One of my better purchases.

UPDATE 1 : Hmm...maybe I spoke too soon. This do sound louder when typed hard and fast.

UPDATE 2 : I wish this keyboard is backlit like the Armageddon. I like typing and playing games in the dark. But then again the original IBM Model M never had a backlit option (I think) and I don't think this ever will too. Looks like the Armageddon Stealth Raptor is here to stay.

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