Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Leopold FC660C Topre Keyboard

The Leopold FC660C Topre Keyboard is here. I'm typing this post with it.

First impressions are that the keys have a very nice feeling to them. Very unlike the Unicomp Classic 104 Buckling Springs or the Cherry MX keys. These are a lot quieter. I was very much afraid that these would feel like a rubber dome (a very expensive one at that) but I can say for sure that it is definitely not. It has a very soft feel when bottoming out. So unlike the Cherry MX keys which can get quite hard.

It's too early to say if these are better than the Buckling Springs. All I can say right now is that they are different. Delightfully so. And the sound when I'm typing and the feel on the fingers are very very nice. Its like your fingers are being massaged. I don't know how else to put it. One of the nicest keyboards to type on. I think I can get addicted to this just like I am with the Buckling Springs but I think I'm still more addicted to the Buckling Springs due to that clickety clack. This one is more understated. More finesse.

There are 2 things which I immediately notice when typing. First, the lettering on the keys are quite hard to see due to the gold(?) lettering on the black chassis. Second, this is a very small keyboard. I am surprised by how small it is although this has normal sized keys. Some of the common keys I'm used to like HOME/END are missing. They can be triggered with some combination of the FN key. This will definitely take some getting use to.

Wish me luck!

P.S. I was really afraid that this would be a waste of money especially after how smitten I was by the Unicomp Buckling Springs. Fortunately these are equally as nice.

Recommended! (but not for the price)

UPDATE 1 : I still type faster on the Buckling Springs. I guess this is partly due to my unfamiliarity with the keyboard arrangement here. It also feels more cramped due to its small size even though this has normal sized keys. Psychological maybe? This is compounded by that gold lettering on the keys which are quite light and which makes them even harder to see.

UPDATE 2 : I just realised something. I know why I type faster on the Buckling Springs (other than my familiarity with its standard layout). Due to the higher actuation required to type, I don't really bottom out because the high tactile point makes me release the keys earlier which makes for a much faster typing speed.

UPDATE 3 : I'm slowly adjusting to the Leopold FC660C. I'm still adjusting to the arrangement of the keys but I'm slowly getting use to it. I'm not making as many mistakes now. Actually I type slower than both the Unicomp Buckling Springs and the Armageddon Cherry MX Blues but not that much slower. I find it a lot more pleasurable to type on the Leopold.

UPDATE 4 : Am I allowed to change my mind? I'm beginning to prefer the Topre based Leopold now over the Unicomp Buckling Springs. Looks like the Unicomp will have to find itself a new home. I'm keeping the Armageddon because those have backlit keys which I need when gaming in the dark although typing-wise I prefer the Unicomp over it.

Actually I find all 3 keyboards a pleasure to use. All have their own unique take on the typing experience and I can't say that one is more worse off than the other, They are just different and I can live with any of them to be honest. Of course I still have my preference and right now it is firmly with the Leopold. Although I type fastest and most accurately on the Unicomp, the slower Leopold still suits me fine because I'm not a fast typist anyway.

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